Our program also includes:

Compression devices, wheelchairs, orthotics, and bed surfaces to promote healing

Dedicated and highly trained wound care nurses

Multiple modalities: wound vacs, chronic wound healing, and more

Personalized nutrition and education for patients and family members

Physical, occupational and speech therapy up to 7-days-a-week

Wound certified specialist manages the program and consults on a weekly basis

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Our Experienced Wound Care Team

At Astoria Place, we take pride in our wound care team led by Mima. Her team consists of a treatment nurse, a Director of Nursing, an Assistant Director of Nursing, and an Infection Preventionist RN. They work closely with a skilled wound care physician who regularly visits and communicates to ensure that our residents receive the best care possible. With Mima’s leadership and the team’s dedication, we provide top-notch, real-time wound care to our residents.

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